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March 18 2017

March 12 2017

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Happy Birthday greeting card - side view / felicitare La multi ani - vedere laterala coloraj (2017)
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Evergreen / Mereu verde  coloraj 
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Evergreen / Mereu verde (detail 1) coloraj
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Evergreen / Mereu verde (detail 2) coloraj
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December 09 2014

Medium Brunette Haircuts

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January 19 2010

January 03 2010

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December 24 2009

December 21 2009

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December 16 2009

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October 27 2009

October 19 2009

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September 03 2009

August 23 2009

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mr. toastie lololol

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August 22 2009

August 21 2009

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August 20 2009

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August 10 2009

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Aww! Hahaha cute!

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July 12 2009

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